Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ten Random Things I Learned from Harry Potter

I am a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling, to the point that I even took a college literature course on the topic my freshmen year. It has occurred to me that their are alot of random life lessons in the books, some of which I felt like sharing with the general population. So in no particular order

  1. Chocolate cures everything
  2. When a prophesy is made about you, instead of trying everything you can to prevent it from happening, let things play out and interfere only when the proper time comes.
  3. Don't bully other people, they might take it out on your son
  4. Be nice to the frumpy smart girl,she might become a hottie
  5. Even if you start out as a failure, you can end up a bad-ass if you work hard enough
  6. Don't apply for a teaching position that nobody has kept for more than a year
  7. Be careful who you trust
  8. Mothers are scary
  9. Nothing is as it first appears 
  10. Happiness can be found, Even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Outsiders

It would be wrong of me to begin the discussion of book without talking about this little gem. it has been a favorite of mine since I was only fourteen and is the reason I became a writer. I was so obsessed with it that I wore a blue jean jacket, just like the character Johnny Cade's, to school everyday for four years- and I live in Florida!

"The Outsiders" was written in 1967 by SE Hinton, when she was just a teenager. It tells the story of 14 year old Ponyboy Curtis, an orphan being raised by his older brother Darrel; "Darry" Curtis.

Ponyboy, his brothers and their friends are greasers, hoods from the wrong side of town. They are at odds with a group of upper class boys who call themselves socials. Without spoiling too much, I will say this. Shit its the fan and suddenly there is murder, revenge and adventure in store.

What I love about this book are the characters. They have a very real quality to them from dreamy Ponyboy, shy Johnny Cade and class clown Keith "Two-Bit" Matthews; there is a character that every reader can relate to on some level. The characters are very honest in their relationships with one another and the depth of their feelings is clear.

"The Outsiders" changed the way I look at others around me. It helped mew to be less judgmental of those whoa re different than I am and inspired me to be a better person. It is a required reading in many school districts and banned in many more. I think every teenager should read it because there is a very clear message that should reach their ears here.

And the fact the book and its film counterpart boast a bunch of hot guys that manage to stay in touch with their emotions and still be tough, isn't a bad draw either.